Course curriculum

  • 1

    Corrugated Metal Sheeting.

  • 2

    Copper Verdigris

    • Copper Verdigris

    • Copper Verdigris Tools and Materials

    • Copper Verdigris Sample Sheet

  • 3

    Gold and Gilding.

    • Painted Gold and Gilding

    • Gold Tools and Materials

    • Gold Sample Sheet

  • 4

    Bronze Verdigris

    • Bronze Verdigris

    • Bronze Verdigris Sample Sheet

    • Bronze Verdigris Tools and Materials

  • 5

    Antique Steel

    • Antique Steel

    • Antique Steel Tools

    • Antique Steel Materials

    • Antique Steel Sample Sheet

    • New Steel Panel Sample Sheet

  • 6

    Rusty Cast Iron


    • Cast Iron Sample Sheet

    • Cast Iron Tools and Materials

  • 7

    Rusty Steel Panel

    • Rusty Steel Panel

    • Rusty Steel Sample Sheet

    • Tools for a Rusty Steel Panel

    • Materials for a rusty steel panel

  • 8

    New Steel Sheet


    • Materials for Sheet Steel

    • Tools for Sheet Steel

  • 9

    Other Resources


    • Metal Course Glossary

    • Sourcing Materials

    • Sourcing Tools

    • Metal Course Quiz

Who's Teaching?

James Rowse has worked as a scenic artist and painter for over thirty years. He has extensive experience painting scenery and backdrops for theatre and worked on a number of films including the Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. James has taught at The University of Creative Arts and has run courses from his studio since 2009. His students are working in all parts of the industry.

What's in the Course.

This course contains another seven video tutorials, each taking you step by step through the process of creating the finish. We look at several ferrous metals, bronze copper and gold. Each video is backed up with a sample sheet, and a list of tools and materials used. There is a discussion board for each tutorial where you can ask for feedback or exchange ideas.