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The Studio course examines groups of materials and tools found in a scenic studio. Once you purchase a full price finishes course, you'll receive a coupon giving you free access to the Studio Course. There are 15 short videos, core information that will be referred to in all the Scenic Painters courses.

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    Each video on our courses, has a discussion board where you can ask for advice or share your experience with other students.

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    Students are able to join our directory hosted on the Scenic Painters website. This is a directory of scenic painters and artists across the UK. Its used by employers to source scenic painters for their projects. Theres a jobs page too where specific jobs are advertised.

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    Students can contact Scenic Painters to ask for advice on getting work within the industry. We are happy to help with fine tuning CV's and portfolio advice.

Stephanie Zentner

Studying online or in the studio

“I recently attended the Stone Weekend workshop at Scenic Painters studio and loved the small class setting and hands-on learning. As my schedule did not allow me to attend the other workshops in-person, I decided to try James’ online courses. I was skeptical at first that I could learn as much from a recorded course, but James is so thorough in his demonstration explanations and included information resource sheets that you can’t go wrong. Buying the right supplies to complete the projects is an investment, but now I have the essential brushes and tools in my kit whenever I need them. I can’t recommend these courses enough.”
Stephanie's Mahogany Sample

These Courses are excellent!

Joss Murrey Signwriter and Scenic Artist Bristol